Rainbow Bridge Portraits
A Beautiful Remembrance for Our Beloved Pets
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Losing a beloved pet is a heartbreaking experience. It is important to remember that the joy and companionship they brought to our lives are irreplaceable.

Take comfort in the memories of the happy times you shared and the special bond you had with your pet through our Rainbow Bridge Portraits. 🌈

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How Does It Work?

🐈 Phone Consultation
We would love to learn all about your pet and how you would like to remember them.

🦮 Photographs
Either we will take the images or we will work with you to select photos you have taken.

🐇 Artwork
Your portraits will be custom-designed memories of the special moments with your pet.

🐎 Portrait Reveal
Your portraits will be ready two to four weeks after the photos are taken or submitted.

🦜 Honor Gift/Donation
We will donate 20% of your portrait purchase to the Humane Society of Loudoun County as a tribute gift in honor of your pet.

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"How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard." - Winnie The Pooh

Cherish Your Pet's Memory with a Personalized Rainbow Bridge Pet Portrait
Losing a pet is an incredibly difficult experience. One thing that many people have a problem coping with is finding ways to remember them.

I know this feeling all too well. Leo (pictured above) was a steady companion for my kids when they were young. He left a big void for all of us when he crossed the rainbow bridge. To work through the loss, I started creating portraits of him from favorite photos we've taken over the years. Soon after, I started making them for family and friends who'd lost a pet. I've been told many times how comforting these memories are, and I've experienced it myself. This feedback led me to make these portraits available to anyone interested.

Pets are family members and deserve to have their lives remembered in a dignified, artistic, and professional manner. Although the joy and special bond we share with them can never be replaced, cherishing these memories can bring us comfort.

We understand that each pet has its own unique personality. Our portraits allow you to express the spirit and individuality of your pet. Keeping that special bond with your pet alive in your heart is essential. Our art is a sensitive way to do this. We proudly offer custom pet fantasy portraits that capture the unique qualities of your beloved animal in a timeless piece of art, and we'll donate 20% of your purchase to local animal welfare organizations in your pet's honor.

What Comes Next?

Step 1

Photo Session-Photoshoot-Fantasy Photos-Mermaid

Complete the Form Above

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We will email and message you to schedule your free phone consultation.

Step 2


Planning & Commissioning Your Portraits

Once you decide that a Rainbow Bridge Portrait is a meaningful option for you to remember your pet, we'll talk in detail about your portrait goals and vision.

We'll take the time to learn about your pet and your special relationship to create unique memories for you.

Step 3


Portrait Reveal & Donation

Your portraits will be ready two to four weeks after the photos are taken or submitted, and the donation will be made in your pet's honor.

Even though the grief may linger, we know your portraits will bring you hope and healing.